February 23, 2018

The Real Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas Lyrics

It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard the Lady Gaga Judas song yet, since the single is all over both the airwaves and the news. Sensational pop icon Lady Gaga has never shied away from controversy, so it’s no surprise that the singer has once again borrowed a page from provocative predecessor Madonna’s book and released a controversial religious-themed track. If you’re savvy to Lady Gaga’s addiction to the outrageous, then the content of “Judas” probably won’t offend or shock you, but it’s certainly upsetting the Christian church.

What about the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics is so explosive? First and foremost, when it comes to sensitive religious topics it just doesn’t get any more inflammatory than the crucifixion of Jesus, so when Lady Gaga sings, unabashedly, that she’s “in love with Judas” it should come as no surprise that some Christians bristle. If the Lady Gaga Judas song alone wasn’t inflammatory enough for you, the release of the Lady Gaga Judas video should satisfy your need to see conservative Gaga opponents squirm.

judas video

Interscope Records

Lady Gaga gets up close and personal with her savior in the new Judas music video.

Lady Gaga Judas pics pulled from the video show the star clinging to a distraught looking young man in a thorny golden crown – an obvious reference to Jesus – while a gang of leather-clad “apostles” follow on motorcycles. Among them, of course, is the resident bad boy, his biker jacket emblazoned “Judas.” Apart from a biblical era feel to the video’s costumes and an overabundance of gaudy cross accessories, initially the religious references in the video are pretty limited. Initially. Three minutes in things get a little stickier, and we’re not talking about the sweaty dancers.

It goes without saying that the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics were written not only to be catchy but to be controversial, but the real meaning of the Lady Gaga Judas song seems pretty harmless. Gaga isn’t sympathizing with one of history’s most hated villains. In the song itself she’s saying in a clever (albeit cheeky) way that she just can’t resist bad boys. Of course the Lady Gaga Judas video is far more explosive than just the lyrics and does add another layer to the meaning, making us wonder – when she sings “Gaga” instead of “Judas” – if the star doesn’t see herself as something of a Judas for her naughty tendencies.

Before releasing the full, uncut version of the Lady Gaga Judas video, the artist sat down with the equally fame-hungry people of E! and explained that while the song is undeniably provocative she’s not trying to start a war with the Catholic church. In fact, Gaga’s understanding of the Bible comes from growing up Catholic – in the same interview she admits to spending 15 years in Catholic schools. When asked directly if the song is an attack on the church, the Bible or Christianity, Gaga said, “I don’t really view the video as a religious statement, though.”lady gaga necklace

Gaga goes on to insist, “It’s a metaphor; it’s not meant to be a biblical lesson.” No kidding. You have to question the sanity of anyone that takes the Lady’s rendering too seriously; after all, while Mary Magdalene (another character that the singer briefly embodies in the video, along with the Madonna and a bishop) did bathe the feet of Jesus and the apostles, it was hardly in a hot tub. Nor was Judas known for being a rabble rouser or a ladies man, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a reference to choreographed dance numbers anywhere in the scriptures.

As Lady Gaga herself has frequently said, music is a highly personal thing, so while the general public is welcome to continue over-analyzing the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics, we’re going to accept this “Like a Prayer” throwback at face value and go find ourselves one of those wicked lipstick guns.


  1. VJ says:

    “Though Shall not take God’s name in Vain”

    Thats what Bible teaches Us. And in the History you will see any celebrity did this landed up dead or had some dramatic blast in their lives. For eg. AC-DC lead singer….list is real big…

    May God Forgive Lady Gaga for what she has done as she has a whole life to live and world knows she does have great talent.

    • dark angel says:

      wel lady G wouldnt be doing it.since your God is such a forgiving God y didnt he 4give lucifer maybe lady G wouldnt be singing such songs. there is war bby Good vs Evil nw deal with it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hail lady G and our father Illuminati

    • Belle says: