February 23, 2018

Judas Video and Religious Symbolism

By now you’ve probably seen the Lady Gaga Judas video a few dozen times and have heard just as many different remarks on its meaning and significance. Lady Gaga may say that her Judas video is not meant to be a “biblical lesson,” but if you’ve seen the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut then you know that much of the symbolism used still inevitably has meaning to millions of Christians around the world. If you’re curious about the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video and its imagery, then here’s a brief overview of some of the more overt references.

In the latest Lady Gaga video, she clings to a baby-faced Jesus played by Rick Gonzalez. There can be no question that Gonzalez is portraying Christ because of the actor’s gaudy spiritual bling – aka the thorny crown. The crown of thorns has long been synonymous with Jesus, as the Bible states that Pilate and his soldiers used it to mock his title as “King of the Jews.” Let’s hope the crown of thorns isn’t the next big craze in accessories. Not only is its use likely to offend every Christian you encounter, it takes suffering for fashion to a whole new level.

While most people watching the Lady Gaga Judas video pick up on the Mary Magdalene references – particularly when Gaga is bathing both Jesus and Judas’ feet – what many fail to realize is that her blue veil is more indicative of Mary, the mother of Jesus, than of Mary Magdalene. In Jesus’ time, that color of blue was used to designate royalty, so early Christian iconography borrowed it to designate Mary’s title as “Queen of Heaven.”

Does Lady Gaga borrowing it designate her as the new Queen of Pop? That’s for you to decide.

The costume designers once again borrow on the significance of royal blue around the 2:17 mark in the the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut version. This time, though, the heart at the center of Gaga’s shirt is far more noteworthy than even her blue veil. The Sacred Heart symbol is one of the Catholic church’s most revered representations of Jesus’ love for humanity. Though the heart has been crucified in the same manner as Jesus himself, the light it emits is a sign of the transformative power of Jesus’ forgiveness and unconditional love. Needless to say, it’s a strong statement for a woman that likes to ride around in eggs to make.

Though the Lady Gaga video abounds with obvious Christian symbolism – like a glut of crosses (including pasties!) – some of the symbolism used is far more subtle. For example, at 2:41 in the Lady Gaga Judas video, thelady gaga necklace singer is briefly seen clutching a golden rope. Some critics of the video believe this is an allusion to the silver cord. The silver cord is referenced only briefly in the Bible, but it is at the core of the concept of astral projection. People that believe in astral projection believe that the “silver cord” is a metaphor for the connection between our physical body and our immortal soul. If that’s too deep for you, we recommend fast forwarding to the next dance sequence.

Finally, we’d be remiss to ignore one of the most obvious but simultaneously controversial religious references in the Lady Gaga Judas video. At 3:19, Lady Gaga makes her first appearance in her infamous black catsuit. While it goes without saying that you won’t find a real Catholic Bishop draped in head-to-toe, body-hugging velvet, many Catholics feel that Lady Gaga’s seemingly over-the-top hat is an obvious shot at some of the religion’s traditional, towering headpieces.

The Secrets Behind the Judas Video

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Do you want to uncover the secrets of the lady gaga judas video? If you do, you’re not alone. This controversial music video is racking up countless views on Youtube – it’s also offending a lot of people. The meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video is something almost everyone is curious about. Luckily, by examining judas video imagery, it’s possible to learn a great deal about the hidden secrets found in the outrageous pop diva’s latest smash hit.

When the world watched lady gaga judas pics leak for the first time, there was widespread media attention and scandal. The images from the lady gaga judas video uncut were quite stylized and extreme…in these photographs, a motorcycle gang seemed to portray the Bible’s twelve Apostles; these biker boys were also sporting metallic crowns of thorns. In the video, Lady Gaga stepped into her most shocking role thus far; she played the part of a modern-day Mary Magdalene…one who rode on the back of a powerful motorcycle and seemed to long for a dark, smoldering young man identified as Judas…

Some people are more confused than angry when they contemplate Lady Gaga’s newest video effort, since it seems to embrace the idea of loving someone who is heartless or worthless. After all, throughout the centuries, Judas has been known for his role as a traitor of truly epic proportions. For those who believe in Christianity, Judas is Christ’s betrayer; he is perceived as evil and selfish. When Lady Gaga sings that she “loves” Judas, it seems that she is professing ardor for everything that is dark and negative.

Here, Lady Gaga speaks about the influences and meanings she chose for this groundbreaking music video: “I want to allow the video to speak for itself but I will say that the theme of the video and the way that I wanted to aesthetically portray the story was as a motorcycle Fellini movie where the apostles are revolutionaries in a modern-day Jerusalem. And I play Mary Magdalene leading them into the town where we meet Jesus and I will leave the rest for you to see. But it’s meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it.”

The film director Fellini specialized in a fantastical style that had its roots in Jungian psychology; it makes all the sense in the world that Lady Gaga would embrace this unique visual style for her new video. Fellini is best known for his film, La Dolce Vita. By employing this artistic, theatrical and highly symbolic directorial style, she is amping up the visual impact of her entire cast of characters.

Of course, Lady Gaga is always at the center of the storm, relating powerful emotions while adorned with a series of wild costumes, such as a red bra top, cape, and jeweled crown.  As the video ends, we see the pop sensation dressed in a high-necked gown of virginal white, being stoned to death by onlookers (who are clad in a diverting combination of gangland and biblical garments).

Known for her progressive views on equality, female power and gay rights, Lady Gaga clearly enjoys pushing the envelope any way she can. By reinventing the story of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Judas, she puts a modern spin on the ancient concepts of sin and forgiveness. In her world, the lines between good and bad seem to blur; mixed messages are everywhere. By challenging assumptions and making people think, Lady Gaga opens up religious debate and continues to inspire her fans (and earn the ire of her detractors).

In the song, Lady Gaga longs for someone who is clearly unsuitable. She chooses to love a bad boy who offers something irresistible to her, even though he is cruel. For many of today’s women (and men), the notion of loving a “traitor” can be a resonant theme. When examined from a romantic and psychosexual perspective, the Judas video is a potent commentary on choosing the wrong person, despite knowing better.

In the Judas lyrics, Lady Gaga refers to herself as a “holy fool” because she can’t stop loving Judas.

It’s probable that many of her fans can relate to this relationship dynamic and even sympathize with it.

Judas Video Leaked

judas video

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In the middle of April, days before it was set to be released to radio stations around the world, two minutes of Lady Gaga’s Judas single were leaked. Lo and behold, at the beginning of May, days before the video was scheduled to have its official release, the Lady Gaga Judas video leaked also. The dual leak of both the song and the video seems like a pretty suspicious coincidence. It’s a safe bet that the Lady Gaga Judas video footage was leaked by her own camp. After all, we all know that Gaga is anything but discrete.

Regardless of who was responsible for the leak, the Judas video imagery was so explosive that millions of Lady Gaga fans (and a fair number of Gaga haters, too) were scrambling to see the Judas video uncut. By the time the official release date actually came, anticipation was at a fever pitch. As a result, both the song and the full length video rocketed to the top of their respective charts. It was easy to see that the leak had been successful in building hype for the song, the video, and the artist. Not that Lady Gaga ever needs help getting attention.

Most of the world saw the Lady Gaga Judas video for the first time on American Idol, or later on cable on the E! network, but the savviest Gaga fans saw it first on a number of different bootleg and celebrity gossip sites. Supposedly Gaga’s management made an effort to remove the content, but considering how widespread it was within just a few hours it’s pretty hard to believe that it had been leaked by anyone but an insider.

If you haven’t seen the Judas video uncut, then it’s time to head over to YouTube to see the official 5 minute version. The Judas video imagery may not sit well with some conservatives, but that controversy only helped Lady Gaga’s latest musical masterpiece to attract more than 25 million views in its first week on the web.

What’s the big deal? Music fans that like metaphors and symbolism will love the Judas video imagery, which is saturated with religious references. Even if you’re not a fan of musical storytelling, you’ll be able to appreciate the sheer eye candy offered up by the Judas video uncut. If you’re more into cool costumes and big choreographed dance scenes then Judas has got those too. In other words, the next leak we expect to hear about is news that Judas is up for some big awards.

Even social media geeks that abhor the look and sound of Lady Gaga can appreciate the pop star’s online prowess. She’s almost as talented at turning out viral videos as she is at wearing food. As if the questionable lyrics of Judas wouldn’t have elicited enough press on their own, the convenient leak of both the song and the video ensured that Lady Gaga’s Judas was making headlines days before anyone should have heard it.

There are other hints that Gaga leaked the video herself. For one, the day before Judas showed up on sites like Gawker, Lady Gaga was encouraging fans to start discussing the video on Twitter by using the phrase #JudasVideoTomorrow. Her online campaigning combined with a weird and wacky appearance on American Idol inspired millions to download the single on iTunes, propelling the Lady into a Top 3 digital download spot in just days, ahead of dozens of other artists’ songs that have been struggling to claw their way into the same position over several weeks.

Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Uncovered

In this article we’re going to strip the Lady Gaga Judas video down to the bare and beautiful basics. Of course if you’ve already seen the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut, then you’ve also already seen the pop queen’s barely there ensembles and know there really isn’t a whole lot to be stripped off. We could debate over the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video for far longer than the seven minutes of sensationalized eye candy really deserve, but we’d much rather talk about the Judas video imagery and – more importantly – Gaga’s many fantastic costume changes. To quote another famous instigator, “Where does [s]he get those wonderful toys?”

Thankfully for fashion fans, this is one video where the artist chose to go sexual instead of conceptual. The end result is so naughty we’re half worried that Lady Gaga is going to get struck by lightning. Clearly going to hell draped in body-hugging chiffon or a velveteen catsuit beats going in a hand basket. Lady Gaga may be singing that she’s “in love with Judas,” but when the Lady Gaga Judas pics leaked a week before the video’s release, it was pretty clear that what she was really in love with was her own taut body.

Lady Gaga has said repeatedly that her use of Judas is a metaphor, and the core of the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video metaphor is clear in the line, “Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to.” Throughout the video we see her struggle, and while that struggle is conveyed through religious symbolism that symbolism is so twisted it’s hard to believe anyone could take it for an attack on the Catholic church. A provocation? Definitely, but not an attack.

So what’s Lady Gaga really struggling with? Other than her range of motion in those thigh-high vinyl hooker boots, that is. There are a lot of theories. Some say the song is religious, despite Gaga’s many protests to that interpretation, but that it deals with the singer’s own faith and how her fame has tested it more so than with Christian doctrine as a whole. Others take the video’s steamy slant as a signal that the Judas lyrics are about a romantic struggle. Doesn’t every woman eventually struggle between her want for a good man and her lust for bad boys? (Are we the only ones that caught the irony of Gaga’s people casting one of the original Boondock Saints as Judas?)

Some of the artist’s fans have taken their interpretations of the Lady Gaga Judas video to the far edge of reason. Considering that the singer herself is already there they may be the closest to the truth. When analyzing the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut, there have been almost as many references to Fellini, and from the less film savvy to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, as to the Bible. It’s easy to pinpoint the Judas video imagery we all recognize first – the crosses, the thorny crown, the color blue and the water are all overtly Christian – but there are also Egyptian and pagan influences in the makeup and costumes. There might even be a little bit of the other King (aka Elvis) in there somewhere.

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the significance of each of Lady Gaga’s many costume changes. She appears first as Mary Magdalene then alternately as Salome, the Madonna, Jesus’ consort, his protector, a bishop, a Venus-esque goddess unwilling baptized, and eventually – the Lady just can’t catch a break – a condemned virgin bride.

You can conjecture all you want on the fate of Gaga’s soul, but you have to admit her wardrobe is heavenly.

The Real Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas Lyrics

It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard the Lady Gaga Judas song yet, since the single is all over both the airwaves and the news. Sensational pop icon Lady Gaga has never shied away from controversy, so it’s no surprise that the singer has once again borrowed a page from provocative predecessor Madonna’s book and released a controversial religious-themed track. If you’re savvy to Lady Gaga’s addiction to the outrageous, then the content of “Judas” probably won’t offend or shock you, but it’s certainly upsetting the Christian church.

What about the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics is so explosive? First and foremost, when it comes to sensitive religious topics it just doesn’t get any more inflammatory than the crucifixion of Jesus, so when Lady Gaga sings, unabashedly, that she’s “in love with Judas” it should come as no surprise that some Christians bristle. If the Lady Gaga Judas song alone wasn’t inflammatory enough for you, the release of the Lady Gaga Judas video should satisfy your need to see conservative Gaga opponents squirm.

judas video

Interscope Records

Lady Gaga gets up close and personal with her savior in the new Judas music video.

Lady Gaga Judas pics pulled from the video show the star clinging to a distraught looking young man in a thorny golden crown – an obvious reference to Jesus – while a gang of leather-clad “apostles” follow on motorcycles. Among them, of course, is the resident bad boy, his biker jacket emblazoned “Judas.” Apart from a biblical era feel to the video’s costumes and an overabundance of gaudy cross accessories, initially the religious references in the video are pretty limited. Initially. Three minutes in things get a little stickier, and we’re not talking about the sweaty dancers.

It goes without saying that the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics were written not only to be catchy but to be controversial, but the real meaning of the Lady Gaga Judas song seems pretty harmless. Gaga isn’t sympathizing with one of history’s most hated villains. In the song itself she’s saying in a clever (albeit cheeky) way that she just can’t resist bad boys. Of course the Lady Gaga Judas video is far more explosive than just the lyrics and does add another layer to the meaning, making us wonder – when she sings “Gaga” instead of “Judas” – if the star doesn’t see herself as something of a Judas for her naughty tendencies.

Before releasing the full, uncut version of the Lady Gaga Judas video, the artist sat down with the equally fame-hungry people of E! and explained that while the song is undeniably provocative she’s not trying to start a war with the Catholic church. In fact, Gaga’s understanding of the Bible comes from growing up Catholic – in the same interview she admits to spending 15 years in Catholic schools. When asked directly if the song is an attack on the church, the Bible or Christianity, Gaga said, “I don’t really view the video as a religious statement, though.”lady gaga necklace

Gaga goes on to insist, “It’s a metaphor; it’s not meant to be a biblical lesson.” No kidding. You have to question the sanity of anyone that takes the Lady’s rendering too seriously; after all, while Mary Magdalene (another character that the singer briefly embodies in the video, along with the Madonna and a bishop) did bathe the feet of Jesus and the apostles, it was hardly in a hot tub. Nor was Judas known for being a rabble rouser or a ladies man, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a reference to choreographed dance numbers anywhere in the scriptures.

As Lady Gaga herself has frequently said, music is a highly personal thing, so while the general public is welcome to continue over-analyzing the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics, we’re going to accept this “Like a Prayer” throwback at face value and go find ourselves one of those wicked lipstick guns.