December 15, 2017

Lady Gaga’s Onstage Antics

Most people are aware of Lady Gaga’s wild costumes and bold attitude – however, not everyone knows about her extensive history of onstage antics. This dynamic performer takes risks, and, sometimes, she pays the price.

One of the most memorable lady gaga onstage antics happened when the petite singer fell from a piano she had been perched upon during her performance. This Lady Gaga fall sent the songstress tumbling several feet onto a very hard stage. However, being brave and strong is what Lady Gaga is all about. Within seconds, she recovered her composure and continued on with the song she had been singing. While this “antic” was entirely unstaged, other key public appearances are not accidental or even spontaneous.

This talented vocalist is a devoted student of fashion, and she cares very much about which lady gaga costume she chooses for an important outing. Often, the goal of her entire outward image is to shock and inspire. For example, the infamous “meat dress” Lady Gaga wore to the VMA’s really stepped up her impact on the stage. Her meat dress was crafted of cheap flank steak, and Lady Gaga remarked that the unlikely red carpet gown was “the most comfortable dress she wore all night”. The sensation caused by the pop diva as she ascended the stage grabbed most of the media spotlight at this 2010 celebrity event.

The Lady Gaga HBO special became another opportunity to show off her onstage antics. This television program showcased her journey to Madison Square Garden, where she took the stage and made her signature tear-stained speeches while drinking in the obvious adoration of the crowd. Many attendee of Lady Gaga’s Monster Balls dress up and mimic the performer’s postmodern look; these fans also offer a lot of positive energy while the diva struts her stuff.

Another example of the pop sensation’s trademark wildness and individuality can be found in her lady gaga pictures. This song was definitely one of the star’s brightest achievements. In the stills for Poker Face, she chooses a lady gaga costume made of blue satin and lycra – this bodysuit bares her tanned legs and also features a plunging, daring neckline. While wearing this risky ensemble, the singer dances on a stage in stilleto heels, surrounded by a luxury swimming pool and hunky background dancers. Draped in moonlight, the entire scene is carefully staged for maximum impact and drama.

Today, journalists from respected and not-so-respected publications and websites struggle to come to terms with the antics and image of Stefani Germanotta. The singer has been featured in many articles, including a cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine.This outrageous songwriter offers a lot of entertainment value in interviews, where her candor and boldness can be very refreshing. More direct and down-to-earth away from the stage, Lady Gaga is really quite endearing. Here’s a typical quote from the young woman:

“When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl,” she remarked. “Then I say, ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.”

 As you can see, this complex, fascinating music icon is always testing the boundaries and experimenting with life. In a sense, her public persona, stage antics and lyrics all serve as performance art. Moving away from the typical “sex kitten” pop tart mold, Lady Gaga offers up a very exotic breand of female sexuality and style.

 It’s not hard to believe that Lady Gaga gets the joke of who she is. However, it’s also vital to understand how important “the Fame” is to her.


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