February 23, 2018

Judas Video Leaked

judas video

Interscope Records

In the middle of April, days before it was set to be released to radio stations around the world, two minutes of Lady Gaga’s Judas single were leaked. Lo and behold, at the beginning of May, days before the video was scheduled to have its official release, the Lady Gaga Judas video leaked also. The dual leak of both the song and the video seems like a pretty suspicious coincidence. It’s a safe bet that the Lady Gaga Judas video footage was leaked by her own camp. After all, we all know that Gaga is anything but discrete.

Regardless of who was responsible for the leak, the Judas video imagery was so explosive that millions of Lady Gaga fans (and a fair number of Gaga haters, too) were scrambling to see the Judas video uncut. By the time the official release date actually came, anticipation was at a fever pitch. As a result, both the song and the full length video rocketed to the top of their respective charts. It was easy to see that the leak had been successful in building hype for the song, the video, and the artist. Not that Lady Gaga ever needs help getting attention.

Most of the world saw the Lady Gaga Judas video for the first time on American Idol, or later on cable on the E! network, but the savviest Gaga fans saw it first on a number of different bootleg and celebrity gossip sites. Supposedly Gaga’s management made an effort to remove the content, but considering how widespread it was within just a few hours it’s pretty hard to believe that it had been leaked by anyone but an insider.

If you haven’t seen the Judas video uncut, then it’s time to head over to YouTube to see the official 5 minute version. The Judas video imagery may not sit well with some conservatives, but that controversy only helped Lady Gaga’s latest musical masterpiece to attract more than 25 million views in its first week on the web.

What’s the big deal? Music fans that like metaphors and symbolism will love the Judas video imagery, which is saturated with religious references. Even if you’re not a fan of musical storytelling, you’ll be able to appreciate the sheer eye candy offered up by the Judas video uncut. If you’re more into cool costumes and big choreographed dance scenes then Judas has got those too. In other words, the next leak we expect to hear about is news that Judas is up for some big awards.

Even social media geeks that abhor the look and sound of Lady Gaga can appreciate the pop star’s online prowess. She’s almost as talented at turning out viral videos as she is at wearing food. As if the questionable lyrics of Judas wouldn’t have elicited enough press on their own, the convenient leak of both the song and the video ensured that Lady Gaga’s Judas was making headlines days before anyone should have heard it.

There are other hints that Gaga leaked the video herself. For one, the day before Judas showed up on sites like Gawker, Lady Gaga was encouraging fans to start discussing the video on Twitter by using the phrase #JudasVideoTomorrow. Her online campaigning combined with a weird and wacky appearance on American Idol inspired millions to download the single on iTunes, propelling the Lady into a Top 3 digital download spot in just days, ahead of dozens of other artists’ songs that have been struggling to claw their way into the same position over several weeks.


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