February 23, 2018

Judas Video and Religious Symbolism

By now you’ve probably seen the Lady Gaga Judas video a few dozen times and have heard just as many different remarks on its meaning and significance. Lady Gaga may say that her Judas video is not meant to be a “biblical lesson,” but if you’ve seen the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut then you know that much of the symbolism used still inevitably has meaning to millions of Christians around the world. If you’re curious about the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video and its imagery, then here’s a brief overview of some of the more overt references.

In the latest Lady Gaga video, she clings to a baby-faced Jesus played by Rick Gonzalez. There can be no question that Gonzalez is portraying Christ because of the actor’s gaudy spiritual bling – aka the thorny crown. The crown of thorns has long been synonymous with Jesus, as the Bible states that Pilate and his soldiers used it to mock his title as “King of the Jews.” Let’s hope the crown of thorns isn’t the next big craze in accessories. Not only is its use likely to offend every Christian you encounter, it takes suffering for fashion to a whole new level.

While most people watching the Lady Gaga Judas video pick up on the Mary Magdalene references – particularly when Gaga is bathing both Jesus and Judas’ feet – what many fail to realize is that her blue veil is more indicative of Mary, the mother of Jesus, than of Mary Magdalene. In Jesus’ time, that color of blue was used to designate royalty, so early Christian iconography borrowed it to designate Mary’s title as “Queen of Heaven.”

Does Lady Gaga borrowing it designate her as the new Queen of Pop? That’s for you to decide.

The costume designers once again borrow on the significance of royal blue around the 2:17 mark in the the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut version. This time, though, the heart at the center of Gaga’s shirt is far more noteworthy than even her blue veil. The Sacred Heart symbol is one of the Catholic church’s most revered representations of Jesus’ love for humanity. Though the heart has been crucified in the same manner as Jesus himself, the light it emits is a sign of the transformative power of Jesus’ forgiveness and unconditional love. Needless to say, it’s a strong statement for a woman that likes to ride around in eggs to make.

Though the Lady Gaga video abounds with obvious Christian symbolism – like a glut of crosses (including pasties!) – some of the symbolism used is far more subtle. For example, at 2:41 in the Lady Gaga Judas video, thelady gaga necklace singer is briefly seen clutching a golden rope. Some critics of the video believe this is an allusion to the silver cord. The silver cord is referenced only briefly in the Bible, but it is at the core of the concept of astral projection. People that believe in astral projection believe that the “silver cord” is a metaphor for the connection between our physical body and our immortal soul. If that’s too deep for you, we recommend fast forwarding to the next dance sequence.

Finally, we’d be remiss to ignore one of the most obvious but simultaneously controversial religious references in the Lady Gaga Judas video. At 3:19, Lady Gaga makes her first appearance in her infamous black catsuit. While it goes without saying that you won’t find a real Catholic Bishop draped in head-to-toe, body-hugging velvet, many Catholics feel that Lady Gaga’s seemingly over-the-top hat is an obvious shot at some of the religion’s traditional, towering headpieces.

Lady Gaga Fueling the Controversy Again

When Lady Gaga’s latest music video – for her new, incendiary “Judas” single – leaked just hours before its scheduled primetime premier, the Gaga camp immediately feigned innocence. Yet considering Lady Gaga’s track record, it seems all too likely that someone from the Gaga group leaked the video to create more hype for its official unveiling.

These kinds of fame whoring tactics are like second nature for Lady Gaga and her PR and management personnel. The press is saturated with Lady Gaga articles, and even if a number of them are less than flattering, it’s clear that Lady Gaga and her handlers follow the old adage that “any press is good press.” It seems like every day there are new Lady Gaga pictures depicting the pop superstar in any number of questionable poses, situations or stages of undress. The Lady Gaga costume department also seems bound and determined to bedeck the singer in anything and everything that might earn a headline or inspire more outrageous snapshots.

The whole Lady Gaga machine is programmed to run on shock value. Just do a quick search on Lady Gaga lyrics, videos or pictures and your ears and eyes will be assaulted. Many critics call the Lady gaudy, manufactured, and outright fake, but there’s no denying that she’s wildly popular. Like anything that inspires an immediate and strong emotional response, it seems that Lady Gaga possesses addictive properties.

Will the world ever get enough of Lady Gaga? It’s a question that the haters have been asking since her first album, The Fame, burned its way into our brains and to the top of the charts on the back of catchy but repetitive hits like “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” Some say Lady Gaga is a pioneer, but when it comes to Lady Gaga lyrics and singles, it’s clear she’s following a carefully designed pattern. You can’t blame the lady for profiting off the masses, but one has to wonder if it would kill her to drop the Teletubby-like repetition, auto-tuning, and canned techno beats long enough to record at least one real song.

Regardless of how much you love or hate Lady Gaga, it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere… at least for now. With a new batch of singles from her second studio album, Born This Way, currently clawing their way to the top of online, radio and video charts it’s clear she’s still got the pop market in a headlock. And if Lady Gaga videos like Judas are her new standard, then we’ll never see an end to Gaga-inspired headlines. After all, the enigmatic pop personality has made it very clear that she’ll talk or sing about anything that will get her a sound clip, including the often avoided topics of religion and politics.

Speaking of religion, while Gaga has frequently alluded to her Catholic upbringing, and has had issues with the Catholic League since releasing “Alejandro” in 2009, she’s never referenced the religion so blatantly (or controversially) as she does in her recent 5:35 homage to Judas Iscariot. Gone is the playful tone she adopted for “Telephone.” It was clear when she released the title track for Born This Way, that Lady Gaga’s new album was going to be a lot more down and dirty. Pardon the Jesus pun, but the second single off the album – Judas – drove the Lady’s darker tone home like a nail.

Lady Gaga has repeatedly waved away claims that she is pandering for camera time. Of course her many melodramatic and self-scheduled press releases seem to suggest otherwise. In her own words, though, Lady Gaga insists that her new album, Born This Way, is “something so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or a fucking meat dress.”

Quotes like these beg an obvious question: if it’s about something more, then why continue hiding behind wigs, lipstick and meat dresses?

Lady Gaga Song Lyrics

Naomi Lir/flickr

Pop diva Lady Gaga is a passionate, mercurial force to be reckoned with …this oddly elegant, yet askew, performer tends to zig when she should zag. The results of her musical (and fashion) experiments dazzle her new and longtime fans…they also create a little controversy now and then. If you’re interested in her albums, you may want to learn all about Lady Gaga’s lyrics – after all, once you know the words, you’ll be able to sing along to all of her addictive dance hits.

To get you started, we’ve put together a quick guide to some lyrical highlights you’ll love – from Lady Gaga Poker Face lyrics to her shocking new song Judas. With this guideline, you’ll also learn a little bit about what each song means:

Lady Gaga Poker Face Lyrics are witty and more than a little crude. The singer has talked about the meaning of this song. She’s explained that it refers to a situation where she was in bed with a man when she would rather have been in bed with a woman. An open bisexual, Gaga has said, “I’ve had sex with women”. She finally shows her hand in Poker Face when she sings :

I won’t tell you that I love you,
Kiss or hug you,
Beause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin.

As you can see, this is quite amusing. Lady Gaga is a very intelligent woman who enjoys playing with crude double entendres just as much as she enjoys playing with people of both sexes. In this song, she keeps a “poker face” so her lover won’t know he’s not her ideal choice for that particular encounter.

In the Lady Gaga song Just Dance lyrics, a different mood prevails; Gaga is wilder here and seems to have less self-control. The song tells the story of a crazy night out, filled with dancing and partying. In one verse, Lady Gaga sings:

I’ve had a little too much, much
All the people start to rush, start to rush by…

This veiled reference to drugs or alcohol seems to describe the confusion and “rush” of intoxication. Of course, this may simply be the “natural high” of dancing or finding a new love interest. With Lady Gaga, it’s always open to interpretation.

 With her song Paparazzi, we see a more straightforward lyrical style. With Paparazzi, we are taken on a different sort of journey…this time, we hear the story of Gaga’s obsession with a charismatic celebrity:

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me
Papa, paparazzi
Baby, there’s no other superstar, you know that I’ll be
Your papa, paparazzi

The distinction between stalking and “following” is a fine line- Gaga keeps us guessing just how far she’ll go to attain her heart’s desire. This slightly creepy, slightly sexy love song is offbeat and hypnotic. Comparing herself to a celebrity photographer (known as paparazzi in Hollywood), she also vows: “Promise I’ll be kind/But I won’t stop until that boy is mine…”

Lady Gaga Judas lyrics offer a new layer of complexity. The singer incorporates Biblical references to strengthen her imagery. This mysterious tune seems to tell a tragic love story…Gaga can’t let go of a “bad boy” lover, even though he’s “cruel”:

I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby its so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby.
I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby its so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby.

Gaga seemed trapped in a star-crossed relationship; she seems to know she’s chosen the wrong person, but she can’t help herself. Other obvious nods to Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene add richness and dimension to the song’s meaning.

Lady Gaga’s Onstage Antics

Most people are aware of Lady Gaga’s wild costumes and bold attitude – however, not everyone knows about her extensive history of onstage antics. This dynamic performer takes risks, and, sometimes, she pays the price.

One of the most memorable lady gaga onstage antics happened when the petite singer fell from a piano she had been perched upon during her performance. This Lady Gaga fall sent the songstress tumbling several feet onto a very hard stage. However, being brave and strong is what Lady Gaga is all about. Within seconds, she recovered her composure and continued on with the song she had been singing. While this “antic” was entirely unstaged, other key public appearances are not accidental or even spontaneous.

This talented vocalist is a devoted student of fashion, and she cares very much about which lady gaga costume she chooses for an important outing. Often, the goal of her entire outward image is to shock and inspire. For example, the infamous “meat dress” Lady Gaga wore to the VMA’s really stepped up her impact on the stage. Her meat dress was crafted of cheap flank steak, and Lady Gaga remarked that the unlikely red carpet gown was “the most comfortable dress she wore all night”. The sensation caused by the pop diva as she ascended the stage grabbed most of the media spotlight at this 2010 celebrity event.

The Lady Gaga HBO special became another opportunity to show off her onstage antics. This television program showcased her journey to Madison Square Garden, where she took the stage and made her signature tear-stained speeches while drinking in the obvious adoration of the crowd. Many attendee of Lady Gaga’s Monster Balls dress up and mimic the performer’s postmodern look; these fans also offer a lot of positive energy while the diva struts her stuff.

Another example of the pop sensation’s trademark wildness and individuality can be found in her lady gaga pictures. This song was definitely one of the star’s brightest achievements. In the stills for Poker Face, she chooses a lady gaga costume made of blue satin and lycra – this bodysuit bares her tanned legs and also features a plunging, daring neckline. While wearing this risky ensemble, the singer dances on a stage in stilleto heels, surrounded by a luxury swimming pool and hunky background dancers. Draped in moonlight, the entire scene is carefully staged for maximum impact and drama.

Today, journalists from respected and not-so-respected publications and websites struggle to come to terms with the antics and image of Stefani Germanotta. The singer has been featured in many articles, including a cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine.This outrageous songwriter offers a lot of entertainment value in interviews, where her candor and boldness can be very refreshing. More direct and down-to-earth away from the stage, Lady Gaga is really quite endearing. Here’s a typical quote from the young woman:

“When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl,” she remarked. “Then I say, ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.”

 As you can see, this complex, fascinating music icon is always testing the boundaries and experimenting with life. In a sense, her public persona, stage antics and lyrics all serve as performance art. Moving away from the typical “sex kitten” pop tart mold, Lady Gaga offers up a very exotic breand of female sexuality and style.

 It’s not hard to believe that Lady Gaga gets the joke of who she is. However, it’s also vital to understand how important “the Fame” is to her.

The Secrets Behind the Judas Video

Poker Face


Do you want to uncover the secrets of the lady gaga judas video? If you do, you’re not alone. This controversial music video is racking up countless views on Youtube – it’s also offending a lot of people. The meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video is something almost everyone is curious about. Luckily, by examining judas video imagery, it’s possible to learn a great deal about the hidden secrets found in the outrageous pop diva’s latest smash hit.

When the world watched lady gaga judas pics leak for the first time, there was widespread media attention and scandal. The images from the lady gaga judas video uncut were quite stylized and extreme…in these photographs, a motorcycle gang seemed to portray the Bible’s twelve Apostles; these biker boys were also sporting metallic crowns of thorns. In the video, Lady Gaga stepped into her most shocking role thus far; she played the part of a modern-day Mary Magdalene…one who rode on the back of a powerful motorcycle and seemed to long for a dark, smoldering young man identified as Judas…

Some people are more confused than angry when they contemplate Lady Gaga’s newest video effort, since it seems to embrace the idea of loving someone who is heartless or worthless. After all, throughout the centuries, Judas has been known for his role as a traitor of truly epic proportions. For those who believe in Christianity, Judas is Christ’s betrayer; he is perceived as evil and selfish. When Lady Gaga sings that she “loves” Judas, it seems that she is professing ardor for everything that is dark and negative.

Here, Lady Gaga speaks about the influences and meanings she chose for this groundbreaking music video: “I want to allow the video to speak for itself but I will say that the theme of the video and the way that I wanted to aesthetically portray the story was as a motorcycle Fellini movie where the apostles are revolutionaries in a modern-day Jerusalem. And I play Mary Magdalene leading them into the town where we meet Jesus and I will leave the rest for you to see. But it’s meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it.”

The film director Fellini specialized in a fantastical style that had its roots in Jungian psychology; it makes all the sense in the world that Lady Gaga would embrace this unique visual style for her new video. Fellini is best known for his film, La Dolce Vita. By employing this artistic, theatrical and highly symbolic directorial style, she is amping up the visual impact of her entire cast of characters.

Of course, Lady Gaga is always at the center of the storm, relating powerful emotions while adorned with a series of wild costumes, such as a red bra top, cape, and jeweled crown.  As the video ends, we see the pop sensation dressed in a high-necked gown of virginal white, being stoned to death by onlookers (who are clad in a diverting combination of gangland and biblical garments).

Known for her progressive views on equality, female power and gay rights, Lady Gaga clearly enjoys pushing the envelope any way she can. By reinventing the story of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Judas, she puts a modern spin on the ancient concepts of sin and forgiveness. In her world, the lines between good and bad seem to blur; mixed messages are everywhere. By challenging assumptions and making people think, Lady Gaga opens up religious debate and continues to inspire her fans (and earn the ire of her detractors).

In the song, Lady Gaga longs for someone who is clearly unsuitable. She chooses to love a bad boy who offers something irresistible to her, even though he is cruel. For many of today’s women (and men), the notion of loving a “traitor” can be a resonant theme. When examined from a romantic and psychosexual perspective, the Judas video is a potent commentary on choosing the wrong person, despite knowing better.

In the Judas lyrics, Lady Gaga refers to herself as a “holy fool” because she can’t stop loving Judas.

It’s probable that many of her fans can relate to this relationship dynamic and even sympathize with it.

History of Lady Gaga’s Hit Songs

Lady Gaga on Stage


Wild and irreverent, Lady Gaga enjoys pushing the envelope with her outrageous costumes, offbeat stage antics, and unique song lyrics. This talented performer, who began life as Stefani Germanotta (b. 1986), has spent her adulthood reinventing herself; in the process, she’s also revitalized the dance music genre with her driving beats, infectious pop melodies, and deep, distinctive singing voice. If you’re a fan of lady gaga songs, you’ll enjoy learning more about the history of Lady Gaga and her hottest tunes… 

Inspired by the flamboyant style of Queen’s late front man, Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga had this to say about her idol: “He was not only a singer but also a fantastic performer, a man of the theatre and someone who constantly transformed himself. In short: a genius”.

Like Mercury, she has always offered her fans dramatic vocal performances and a bold songwriting style. She began her musical career by recording her first studio album, The Fame, in 2008.

A quick glance at the Lady Gaga song list from this record reveals gems like Poker Face and Paparazzi. These popular songs are sexy, hypnotic tracks that inspire endless fanfare and critical acclaim. Every hit song from The Fame is accompanied by lady gaga music videos that feature the singer in masks, wigs, and a series of body-conscious, shocking outfits.

Lady Gaga videos offer fans a taste of the pop diva’s biggest hits, as well as access to her impressive acting talent – scenes with background dancers and handsome male love interests evoke a postmodern, yet theatrical, sensibility.  Lady Gaga is a powerful female role model who always takes the lead and gets what she wants. This is one of the reasons why her hit songs have become iconic for today’s listeners – her strong image is always a factor in her overall success.

The Fame triggered a dizzying array of “monster” hits, including, Just Dance and Lovegame. The success of this groundbreaking album led to a special deluxe edition of the record titled, The Fame Monster (2009). A trio of popular singles came from this new EP; the first was Bad Romance… shortly afterwards, Telephone and Alejandro were also destined to become massive hits.

In 2011, the list of lady gaga albums grew longer as the singer revealed a sneak preview of her forthcoming record, Born This Way (due for release in late May of 2011). Heavily hyped on Twitter and other social media sites (yes, lady gaga is on Twitter as @LadyGaga), fans waited in frenzied anticipation for the next chapter in Stefani Germanotta’s musical journey.  

The first single from her upcoming record (also titled Born This Way), was derided for its similarities to Madonna’s 80’s dance hit, Express Yourself. However, Lady Gaga’s anthem of individuality and equality still receives lots of airplay and fan support. Gay rights activists are pleased with the song’s inclusive message, which surely supports the idea of acceptance for all types of people and all sorts of relationships. The new hit features bright, crisp synthesizers and a sultry, spoken-word introduction.

A second preview single, Judas, is currently creating great controversy all over the world. The biblical references in this song are myriad, and they are woven into a story about loving a man who reciprocates with endless cruelty and betrayal:

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you.
Jesus is my virtue,
Judas is the demon I cling to (I cling to).

These intense lyrics shock some religious listeners, because they reference Jesus and his betrayer, Judas Iscariot, while also featuring strong romantic or sexual overtones. While the true meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas lyrics are something only she knows, it’s a safe bet that this clever songstress knew her hot new single would go down in history due to its subject matter alone.

The fascinating history of Lady Gaga and her hit singles is a work in progress – after all, she’s young, energetic, and so ambitious. This dynamic performer is guaranteed to have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Time will tell if the singer manages to hang on to “The Fame” she worked so hard to achieve.