February 23, 2018

Judas By Kelly Clarkson is a Story of Pain

kelly clarkson posterFirst discovered on American Idol in 2002, the pitch-perfect, powerful voice of Kelly Clarkson continues to resonate with millions of fans. Born in Texas, this petite, self-confident performer has managed to break away from Idol typecasting and become her own woman. Unruffled by questions about her sexual preferences (or criticisms about her weight), she still prefers to speak through her music alone. This makes perfect sense, as Clarkson’s popular songs say a lot about who she is and what she stands for.

If you’re a fan of Judas by Kelly Clarkson, you may have wondered exactly what the song means to Kelly – and to her many fans. We’ve compiled a detailed guideline to help you learn more about this hit tune… 

In biblical times, Judas was Christ’s betrayer. For a small bag of pieces of silver, Judas turned Jesus over to those who planned to arrest and crucify the Son of God. Therefore, throughout history, the name Judas has become synonymous with betrayal. Nowadays, when someone abuses our trust or stabs us in the back, we may consider them to be a “Judas”.

When Kelly wrote her Judas Lyrics, she let listeners know just how deeply she had been hurt. So who hurt her? This person could have been a boyfriend or a close female friend…he or she might have even been her own family member…the important thing is that someone had Kelly’s trust and then they made a conscious decision to betray it:

I will never be like you
I’ll never do the things you do
Selfish and lonely, what’s your problem

In the verse shown above, Kelly berates her betrayer; she confronts him or her through the lyrics. Many of us have been wronged and remained silent – Clarkson chooses to voice her concerns and her emotional pain through her lyrics. For many fans, this is cathartic. They feel relief from their own bad memories of betrayal when Kelly belts out her song. This tune evokes a strong emotional reaction from fans – they feel connected to Kelly, and they relive their own experiences through her…

The simplicity and honesty of the lyrics likely help listeners to bond with Clarkson and share her emotions:

Letting go of you and this
Is harder than I thought
But I will not be poisoned by your actions

In this verse, Kelly realizes she can’t will away the pain of being betrayed…it remains inside of her. However, she is resolute; she will not allow her entire life to be consumed by the actions of one “Judas”. This statement is a powerful one – Clarkson is in charge of her own destiny, and she will not waste her time living in the past. This message of power and hope is an important one. For her fans, it represents a light at the end of the tunnel. Like Clarkson, they can live, learn, and move on…no matter what a “Judas” does to their lives.

Clarkson values loyalty and trust; she believes in friendship. For her, this song may indeed be a very personal one. However, she is simply too classy to name names or lay the whole story out. For her, staying positive and remaining close to the right people is part of her formula for success:

“I love that I came up this way. First of all, I have nine close friends, and it’s hard to find people you can trust and lean on in this industry.”

Obviously, Kelly Clarkson displays maturity beyond her years. If a” Judas” burned her, it probably won’t happen again. If it does, she will always come out stronger and wiser, anyway. In this sense, she is a wonderful role model for her fans.