February 23, 2018

Judas By Kelly Clarkson is a Story of Pain

kelly clarkson posterFirst discovered on American Idol in 2002, the pitch-perfect, powerful voice of Kelly Clarkson continues to resonate with millions of fans. Born in Texas, this petite, self-confident performer has managed to break away from Idol typecasting and become her own woman. Unruffled by questions about her sexual preferences (or criticisms about her weight), she still prefers to speak through her music alone. This makes perfect sense, as Clarkson’s popular songs say a lot about who she is and what she stands for.

If you’re a fan of Judas by Kelly Clarkson, you may have wondered exactly what the song means to Kelly – and to her many fans. We’ve compiled a detailed guideline to help you learn more about this hit tune… 

In biblical times, Judas was Christ’s betrayer. For a small bag of pieces of silver, Judas turned Jesus over to those who planned to arrest and crucify the Son of God. Therefore, throughout history, the name Judas has become synonymous with betrayal. Nowadays, when someone abuses our trust or stabs us in the back, we may consider them to be a “Judas”.

When Kelly wrote her Judas Lyrics, she let listeners know just how deeply she had been hurt. So who hurt her? This person could have been a boyfriend or a close female friend…he or she might have even been her own family member…the important thing is that someone had Kelly’s trust and then they made a conscious decision to betray it:

I will never be like you
I’ll never do the things you do
Selfish and lonely, what’s your problem

In the verse shown above, Kelly berates her betrayer; she confronts him or her through the lyrics. Many of us have been wronged and remained silent – Clarkson chooses to voice her concerns and her emotional pain through her lyrics. For many fans, this is cathartic. They feel relief from their own bad memories of betrayal when Kelly belts out her song. This tune evokes a strong emotional reaction from fans – they feel connected to Kelly, and they relive their own experiences through her…

The simplicity and honesty of the lyrics likely help listeners to bond with Clarkson and share her emotions:

Letting go of you and this
Is harder than I thought
But I will not be poisoned by your actions

In this verse, Kelly realizes she can’t will away the pain of being betrayed…it remains inside of her. However, she is resolute; she will not allow her entire life to be consumed by the actions of one “Judas”. This statement is a powerful one – Clarkson is in charge of her own destiny, and she will not waste her time living in the past. This message of power and hope is an important one. For her fans, it represents a light at the end of the tunnel. Like Clarkson, they can live, learn, and move on…no matter what a “Judas” does to their lives.

Clarkson values loyalty and trust; she believes in friendship. For her, this song may indeed be a very personal one. However, she is simply too classy to name names or lay the whole story out. For her, staying positive and remaining close to the right people is part of her formula for success:

“I love that I came up this way. First of all, I have nine close friends, and it’s hard to find people you can trust and lean on in this industry.”

Obviously, Kelly Clarkson displays maturity beyond her years. If a” Judas” burned her, it probably won’t happen again. If it does, she will always come out stronger and wiser, anyway. In this sense, she is a wonderful role model for her fans.

The Judas Kiss by Metallica

Known for an aggressive death-metal style, Metallica has reigned for decades as one of the world’s most popular heavy rock bands. Fronted by charismatic blond singer James Hetfield, Metallica’s current lineup also features guitarist Kurt Hammett, drummer Lars Ulrich, and bassist Robert Trujillo.

In 2008, these American thrash-metal masters released their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic; the eighth track on this Rick Rubin-produced effort was The Judas Kiss. If you’re interested in learning more about The Judas Kiss lyrics and what they mean, you’ll enjoy this…

metallica posterThe Metallica Judas Kiss song, like many of the band’s tracks, is a journey into the heart of darkness. Themes such as frustration, alienation, and the abuse of power are explored. These concepts are woven into a Biblical allegory, where Christ’s betrayer, Judas, lies in wait, searching for new victims.

In the Metallica Judas Kiss lyrics, Hetfield sings from the point of view of a destroyer. One whose sole purpose is to inspire perpetual unrest, corruption, and unhappiness:  

Followed you from dawn of time
Whispered thoughts into your mind
Watched your towers hit the ground
Lured your children never found
Helped your kings abuse their crown

The first line of this Judas Kiss Metallica verse draws listeners back to Biblical times, telling the story of a dark spirit who encourages sin, destruction, hubris and death. This Satanic or Judas-like figure may also be a metaphor for all of the dark urges of mankind. The lyrics paint a picture of an evil creature that feels real disdain for the weaknesses and foibles of human beings:

In the heart of feeble man
Plant the seeds of my own plan
The strong and powerful will fall
Find a piece of me in all
Inside you all

When Hetfield sings “find a piece of me in all, inside you all”, he is reinforcing the idea that sin, weakness, and corruption are innate. In a sense, this Judas-like figure is trying to convince listeners that they too are doomed:

You don’t exist.
Cannot resist,
The Judas kiss.

The central theme of The Judas Kiss is that every man or woman will eventually fall prey to some temptation that will lead him or her into sin or disaster. In the lyrics, politics, monarchy, and the story of Jesus and Judas are all used to illustrate different types of power. Corruption through the “Judas kiss” can be spiritual or tangible – it comes down to “selling out”.

In fact, Metallica themselves have been accused of this very sin.

Most notably, their brash drummer, Lars Ulrich, waged a war against fans that pirated the band’s music. In the eyes of many of his critics, he had become what Metallica had always professed to despise…a corporate elitist who was now out of touch with the everyday lives of his listeners.

“It was a very odd time for me. I’m sitting there reading, Lars Ulrich is pro-record company, and I’m thinking, What Lars Ulrich is that? I’d just spent 20 years fighting against the f—in’ music industry! Metallica is anti-bootlegs.”
Metallica have weathered the storms; they’ve created a legacy despite tragedies (such as the death of former bassist Cliff Burton, and their guitarist’s battles with alcoholism). It’s possible that James Hetfield perceives himself as someone who has been tempted, defiled, and redeemed. He sings:

So bow down
Sell your soul to me
I will set you free
Pacify your demons
This verse may serve as a warning to listeners. If you don’t preserve your sense of self and stay on a higher path, you may be consumed by psychological demons.

When this happens, you will be lost…this self-destruction is the essence of the “Judas kiss”.

Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Uncovered

In this article we’re going to strip the Lady Gaga Judas video down to the bare and beautiful basics. Of course if you’ve already seen the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut, then you’ve also already seen the pop queen’s barely there ensembles and know there really isn’t a whole lot to be stripped off. We could debate over the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video for far longer than the seven minutes of sensationalized eye candy really deserve, but we’d much rather talk about the Judas video imagery and – more importantly – Gaga’s many fantastic costume changes. To quote another famous instigator, “Where does [s]he get those wonderful toys?”

Thankfully for fashion fans, this is one video where the artist chose to go sexual instead of conceptual. The end result is so naughty we’re half worried that Lady Gaga is going to get struck by lightning. Clearly going to hell draped in body-hugging chiffon or a velveteen catsuit beats going in a hand basket. Lady Gaga may be singing that she’s “in love with Judas,” but when the Lady Gaga Judas pics leaked a week before the video’s release, it was pretty clear that what she was really in love with was her own taut body.

Lady Gaga has said repeatedly that her use of Judas is a metaphor, and the core of the meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas video metaphor is clear in the line, “Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to.” Throughout the video we see her struggle, and while that struggle is conveyed through religious symbolism that symbolism is so twisted it’s hard to believe anyone could take it for an attack on the Catholic church. A provocation? Definitely, but not an attack.

So what’s Lady Gaga really struggling with? Other than her range of motion in those thigh-high vinyl hooker boots, that is. There are a lot of theories. Some say the song is religious, despite Gaga’s many protests to that interpretation, but that it deals with the singer’s own faith and how her fame has tested it more so than with Christian doctrine as a whole. Others take the video’s steamy slant as a signal that the Judas lyrics are about a romantic struggle. Doesn’t every woman eventually struggle between her want for a good man and her lust for bad boys? (Are we the only ones that caught the irony of Gaga’s people casting one of the original Boondock Saints as Judas?)

Some of the artist’s fans have taken their interpretations of the Lady Gaga Judas video to the far edge of reason. Considering that the singer herself is already there they may be the closest to the truth. When analyzing the Lady Gaga Judas video uncut, there have been almost as many references to Fellini, and from the less film savvy to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, as to the Bible. It’s easy to pinpoint the Judas video imagery we all recognize first – the crosses, the thorny crown, the color blue and the water are all overtly Christian – but there are also Egyptian and pagan influences in the makeup and costumes. There might even be a little bit of the other King (aka Elvis) in there somewhere.

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the significance of each of Lady Gaga’s many costume changes. She appears first as Mary Magdalene then alternately as Salome, the Madonna, Jesus’ consort, his protector, a bishop, a Venus-esque goddess unwilling baptized, and eventually – the Lady just can’t catch a break – a condemned virgin bride.

You can conjecture all you want on the fate of Gaga’s soul, but you have to admit her wardrobe is heavenly.

The Real Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Judas Lyrics

It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard the Lady Gaga Judas song yet, since the single is all over both the airwaves and the news. Sensational pop icon Lady Gaga has never shied away from controversy, so it’s no surprise that the singer has once again borrowed a page from provocative predecessor Madonna’s book and released a controversial religious-themed track. If you’re savvy to Lady Gaga’s addiction to the outrageous, then the content of “Judas” probably won’t offend or shock you, but it’s certainly upsetting the Christian church.

What about the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics is so explosive? First and foremost, when it comes to sensitive religious topics it just doesn’t get any more inflammatory than the crucifixion of Jesus, so when Lady Gaga sings, unabashedly, that she’s “in love with Judas” it should come as no surprise that some Christians bristle. If the Lady Gaga Judas song alone wasn’t inflammatory enough for you, the release of the Lady Gaga Judas video should satisfy your need to see conservative Gaga opponents squirm.

judas video

Interscope Records

Lady Gaga gets up close and personal with her savior in the new Judas music video.

Lady Gaga Judas pics pulled from the video show the star clinging to a distraught looking young man in a thorny golden crown – an obvious reference to Jesus – while a gang of leather-clad “apostles” follow on motorcycles. Among them, of course, is the resident bad boy, his biker jacket emblazoned “Judas.” Apart from a biblical era feel to the video’s costumes and an overabundance of gaudy cross accessories, initially the religious references in the video are pretty limited. Initially. Three minutes in things get a little stickier, and we’re not talking about the sweaty dancers.

It goes without saying that the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics were written not only to be catchy but to be controversial, but the real meaning of the Lady Gaga Judas song seems pretty harmless. Gaga isn’t sympathizing with one of history’s most hated villains. In the song itself she’s saying in a clever (albeit cheeky) way that she just can’t resist bad boys. Of course the Lady Gaga Judas video is far more explosive than just the lyrics and does add another layer to the meaning, making us wonder – when she sings “Gaga” instead of “Judas” – if the star doesn’t see herself as something of a Judas for her naughty tendencies.

Before releasing the full, uncut version of the Lady Gaga Judas video, the artist sat down with the equally fame-hungry people of E! and explained that while the song is undeniably provocative she’s not trying to start a war with the Catholic church. In fact, Gaga’s understanding of the Bible comes from growing up Catholic – in the same interview she admits to spending 15 years in Catholic schools. When asked directly if the song is an attack on the church, the Bible or Christianity, Gaga said, “I don’t really view the video as a religious statement, though.”lady gaga necklace

Gaga goes on to insist, “It’s a metaphor; it’s not meant to be a biblical lesson.” No kidding. You have to question the sanity of anyone that takes the Lady’s rendering too seriously; after all, while Mary Magdalene (another character that the singer briefly embodies in the video, along with the Madonna and a bishop) did bathe the feet of Jesus and the apostles, it was hardly in a hot tub. Nor was Judas known for being a rabble rouser or a ladies man, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a reference to choreographed dance numbers anywhere in the scriptures.

As Lady Gaga herself has frequently said, music is a highly personal thing, so while the general public is welcome to continue over-analyzing the Lady Gaga Judas lyrics, we’re going to accept this “Like a Prayer” throwback at face value and go find ourselves one of those wicked lipstick guns.